Saturday, December 27, 2014

Collaging ~ Soul Therapy

And when I am thinking with a pair of scissors and glue and a pen in hand, this is what happens ~

I am an emotional creature. I am a soul who loves, who fears, who falls and stumbles without knowing the whys at times. To assist myself in uncovering the beauty of my own experiences in life, even the sharp edged ones, I write, I cut and paste, and I release. 

I  know artistic works are typically about the paths I walk along as I heal my wounded soul. When I receive a blow to my heart I write and draw and color about the traumatic heartbreak until the pressure from the pain begins to ease. I need to look at the brighter side of the abyss so I force myself see light and hope.

I love discovering imagery in magazines that helps me visually convey my story. Color with a few words and arranged pictures can assist me in expressing my heart and soul. My extroversion needs a voice and often my need to verbalize is cloaked in the silence of paper.

We can never heal our hearts by staying at the crime scene. As I walk between worlds within myself seeking my escape through understanding I find my task is to walk the precarious pathway between pillars of my personal truths.

Leaving crime scenes is difficult because of the emotional attachment. I admit to the weakness within me, the weakness that kept me tethered to places that only caused me pain. Funny how we can let our hearts be ripped out and willingly show up to go through he same trauma again. It was a big big decision to move away from Colorado to Texas. A move that I believe no one I know thought I would ever do. Texas is giving me new life, new breath, new hope new dreams, new skin, and a new heart. 

Celebration of life happens every minute of every day ... It is my job to take that step forward, to raise my arms in glory exalting my God. My experience with God is very personal. My connection to God is why I am still here. I am nothing without God. I am nothing without the love of My Master. Through the Lord all things are possible and I am living testimony to that. 

The layering of imagery expressing my journey is so therapeutic. The language of our universe is metaphor and it is in metaphor that I find myself connecting the dots within myself and coming to understand this process called life. Every second of my existence is necessary to the eventual tapestry that I am creating. My tapestry is a fundamental addition to the whole of this universe. My tapestry is a part of God for I am a child of God and I am created by God. 

Our hands are powerful, our hearts amazing, our spirits move within us leading us toward understanding what matters most in life. What matters most in life? Love. Love is the water that brings to life generosity, hope, compassion, peace and the ability to be happy with this moment of now even if in this moment there is pain from being confined in a space too small for our greatness of being. 

A journey beneath the waters of my soul reveals  how I move within my being. How I move about internally dictates how I move about externally. Do I have peace of mind and sow those seeds or do I move in chaos and disrupt my path?

"Reeling in The Years" is about my life of course and how at times I feel as if I have been picked to the bone but need to keep up the show out of fear. Fears that haunt me. Fears of disapproval and fears of being misunderstood and loved. 

I was in a place of darkness, not trusting anyone in my life, especially family. This image represents me, sitting in a vulnerable, peaceful place with no concerns other than creating and expressing my truths. I am harmless, non-confrontational, peace loving, and caring. I am being me. Without warning life comes down on my like knives threatening to pierce my heart, threatening to destroy me, threatening to cause me to bleed out all my faith in people. The knives never connect with my body for they are suspended in the space -  a space I control. There are a lot of decisions made in the space between intentions, in the space between harm and hope -  it is up to me whether to let those knives pierce me. I refer to this image as "potential collateral damage - blades of judgments". 

Peace and Hugs,
Maryanne Mesple
April 2015
60 years young

all imagery copyrighted and not to be reproduced or used without my consent.

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